Broker Power and the Insurance Act 2015

insurance act 2015The innovative online portal Broker Power discusses the Insurance Act 2015.

Leading online broker portal, Broker Power, discusses the key elements of the Insurance Act 2015 and the implications it could have to agents.

Enforced on 12th August 2016, the Insurance Act 2015 applies to all policies governed by the laws of England Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland that are entered into or varied on or after that date.

The key elements of the Insurance Act 2015 are:

A new duty of fair presentation of your risk details

The Insurance Act 2015 will define a new structured approach on how details of businesses should be presented to an insurance broker at every renewal or alteration of a policy – the duty of fair presentation. The primary duty of businesses is to inform their insurance broker about all information that would affect the final judgement in writing cover and on what terms. Alternatively, businesses must provide their broker with enough information to generate further questions.

Changes in the way non-disclosure or misrepresentation of your risk details are dealt with

The Act has introduced a system of proportionate remedies for when a fair presentation is not made. These remedies are based on what should have been done had a fair presentation been made. Insurance brokers will still be able to avoid (i.e. cancel from its start date) a policy and retain the premium if the failure to make the fair presentation was deliberate or reckless.

Nick Watson, Iprism explains: “The revised duty in respect of disclosure is a key change in the disclosure requirements for non-consumer contracts. Now, the insured must make a ‘Fair Presentation of Risk’.”

Broker Power have created a different case for situations that could have been acted upon differently, had the information they were provided with been different. Situations include: If an insurance broker does not provide cover, then they can void the policy and refund the premium. In a situation where they have charged a higher premium, they may proportionately reduce any claim. If different terms in the policy are required, that would be treated as though it contains those terms.

“The new Act focuses on fairness, transparency and certainty over the rules that govern contracts between commercial policyholders and insurers”. Watson also explains that: “It’s your responsibility to make a reasonable search of information available to you about your business. This information will help draw out anything unique about you and your business that your insurer needs to know.”

Changes in the way fraudulent claims are dealt with

Insurance brokers are not liable to pay a claim if a fraudulent claim is made, including any honest elements. Insurance brokers may also recoup money that has been paid out on a claim. The Act also now allows insurers to cancel policies from the point when a fraudulent claim was lodged. Insurers will still be liable for any losses before that point.

Broker Power suggests clients speak to their insurance adviser to discuss any questions regarding the Act and how it may affect businesses.

About Broker Power

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How to Protect Your Computer from Hackers and Viruses

In this new technological age, viruses and hackers are a threat to computers, so knowing how to protect them is key. Here are some easy tips on how to be safe online.

Protect your business

Protecting your business is vital as unfortunately in modern day life, every computer with a network connection is a potential victim of computer viruses and malware. An infected computer could be catastrophic as you could lose important business data. Therefore, it’s vital to protect your data and PC within your business.

There is plenty of help and IT support in Essex available for companies worried about their computers or software.

Ensure your business computer is not compromised

It’s important to keep business computers safe and secure so that you don’t lose important data. If a computer system is damaged, lost or stolen, you could lose vital information. Employees money could be taken, data leaked and unauthorised files being hacked.


Malware is a software designed to damage computers. This malware contains nasty software, including viruses, Trojans, worms and adware. To prevent this from reaching your business, you need to purchase and install some antivirus software. This sits on the computer and stops any damaging software from entering.

Install protection and defence

There are numerous ways to protect and remove malware from computers. There’s no one method, but the more layers of defence you have, the harder it will be for hackers to use and gain access to your computer.

Installing a firewall is the first step to providing security to the computer. It helps to create a barrier between the computer and any unauthorized program. There are two types of firewall; a software firewall and a hardware firewall. An antivirus software also protects a computer. The software helps the computer stay safe from any unauthorised codes or software to the system. Anti-spyware software combats programs from collecting personal information or data without being give an approval.


Time to Get Back to SEO Basics

SEO has evolved over the past decade—but not in the way we like to think. It’s interesting how we pay attention to Google’s changing algorithm, but forget how SEO basics have remained largely unchanged: create a good website, write great content, get links and shares. This week Danny Hall from SEO Essex explains why it is time to get back to SEO basics.

The whole point of SEO is to improve the human experience on the Internet. Sure, there are a few technical things you can implement to catch the attention of the search engines, but humans must come first. Google’s algorithm changes reflect this; Panda was designed to simulate human judgment, while Penguin was built to weed out spam.

So what, specifically, are these search engine optimization basics we can’t afford to deviate from?

  1. Create great content
  2. Provide good user experience
  3. Get links to your content
  4. Get your content shared
  5. Create Great Content

It always starts with creating great content. You must publish the kind of content humans would care enough to read or watch, and possibly share. And in order to produce epic content, naturally, you will need to know your ideal reader well.  Who do you want to appeal to? Would you find your content interesting if you were that customer?

Great content gets read, shared, linked to, and even rehashed by your admirers and competitors alike. Great content, be it in the form of text, infographic or video, will market itself well, but only if you present it properly and promote it hard. Which leads us to…

Providing a Good User Experience (On-site optimisation)

On-site optimisation is about making your content presentable, easy to navigate, and easy to understand. This means that both humans and search engines should be able to access and use your content without problems.

You want to make it as easy as possible for humans to quickly tell what your content is all about before they can consume it.  The rules are simple:

Have a proper title—you must make your title clear and compelling enough for people to click through to your page. In addition, you have to include your keyword (or a variation of it) so people know whether your content is relevant to their search.

Improve readability—make use of subheadings, lists, and short paragraphs. The key here is to get the ready to easily scan through your content. Large chunks of text can be intimidating to look at, so we must keep things as readily digestible as possible.

Optimize images—use alt tags in your images. Add a caption if it feels necessary. Also reduce file sizes for ‘heavy’ image files.

Highlight important phrases and sections—use bold formatting to highlight few important bits and blockquotes to differentiate quoted text.  A lot website owners in the past abused this technique by stuffing keywords and bolding them. This is the stuff of spammers. Remember that we’re putting man first, not robot.

Search algorithms have evolved over the years to be able to discern your website’s usability. Using metrics such as bounce rate, Google can collect data about your site over time and be able to tell whether users who clicked through to your website found it useful or not (as indicated by how quickly they left).

Other usability metrics include engagement, loading speed, and more recently, mobile-friendliness. Needless to say, you’ll need a modern website design, decent hosting, and the right SEO plugins/tools for on-site optimization.

Get Links to Your Content/Website

Link building remains at the core of SEO. However, what’s become most important to search engines is where and how you obtained your links. Link schemes have been devalued over the years as search engines get smarter. And while SEOs are getting smarter with advanced link building tricks, the most important thing is to make your link building as natural as possible. At least in appearance, that is.

If your focus is on producing valuable content for your readers, you will surely get rewarded with back links. You must, however, thoroughly promote your content. You must reach out to influencers in your industry, as well as anybody who might be interested in linking back to or sharing your content.

The same applies to guest blogging. While the main objective should be to get traffic to your site, you may need to go the extra mile with promotion. Find people who can link to the article or share it. This improves the credibility score of your guest post—and this is great because it links back to your site.

Remember also to link to relevant stories of resources within your content. This is the natural way of blogging online.

Get Your Content Shared

Getting social shares is somewhat similar to getting backlinks. You must write compelling content to begin with, and then promote it. Make your posts easy to share by including a call-to-action at the end. Adding a relevant image for social media will also make your links more enticing.

Ever since social signals became a part of search engine algorithms, it’s become increasingly important to focus on what matters most—putting out great content that humans would find engaging and worthy of sharing.

Final Word

It’s safe to say that SEO as an industry has evolved, but the most important things remain the same. A properly designed website with compelling content is the first basic requirement. Then second is promotion, which involves outreach campaigns to earn relevant backlinks to get your content shared widely. As these two steps already provide value to humans, your ranking on the SERPS will take care of itself. All other tactics and tricks come second.

How To Promote Your Business On YouTube

Social media video promo with Google's Youtube.Tips For Expanding Your Brand Audience With A Corporate Video

Learn how to promote your corporate video effectively on YouTube. Make the most of your channel and network with your target audience.

Many companies are now aware of the importance of social media. Brands frequently utilise platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn to gain an online following and develop a relationship with their digital customers. However, a tactic that is used less but is potentially even more effective is to promote your business on YouTube. With a reported 78% of consumers watching videos online each week, it stands to reason that this is a direction that savvy brands will want their marketing teams to focus on.

Getting Started

Although YouTube features millions of amateur videos, a superior approach for your brand would be to task a reputable firm of corporate film makers to make an engaging and professional video for your company. Typically, the most shared and viewed videos are either informative or funny. Although depending on the nature of your brand and its position in the marketplace, it may not be appropriate to deliver an amusing video. Always be clear on the directive for your film and do your research beforehand by watching the relevant competition on YouTube. This should give you an idea of what works well within your niche.

Fill In The Fields

Before you upload your video, you should spend some time researching keywords to tag your film with. This is what YouTube visitors will search for, so make sure that the tags are relevant to your video. Look at the most popular videos that you will be competing against and study the keywords that are used. You can ‘borrow’ some of these tags for your video from competitors in your niche which will allow you to piggyback on the success of your rivals. It is likely that as you have a shared interest, then your video will be featured in the ‘Suggestions’ panel which will allow you to direct visitors back to your own channel.

The descriptions field of your video is an important area to focus on in YouTube. Always remember to include the URL of your website so that you can receive click-throughs to a landing page. It is worth including a strong call-to-action (CTA) within the description field which might urge viewers to rate your video, share it on Facebook, visit your site for further information, add a comment or even embed the video on their own website.

Pay Attention To Your Own Channel

Before uploading your video, give some attention to your company’s YouTube channel. You should include an appealing summary of your brand and ensure that you include your own company logo. You can add thumbnails of your videos so be sure to select those which are the most interesting and will result in clicks and views.

Promote Your Own Videos

YouTube is a powerful network, but it is not enough simply to upload your video and expect visitors to find it. Committed marketers must find other ways to direct both potential and existing customers towards their YouTube channel. You can start by embedding the video content within your own website and sharing it on other social platforms such as Facebook or Twitter. Don’t forget that YouTube is a social network as well, so spend time commenting on other videos, making friends, joining groups and getting involved!

5 of the Most Unusual Business Ideas of All Time

You know, there are strange or unusual cases in all fields. But today we are going to review 4 of the most unusual and creative businesses ideas of all the time. Who knows, you may get a lot of inspiration from this. Because here you will see that entrepreneurship has not limits, you can start a project on almost any field and make it a success. And that’s exactly what we are going to these with these unusual business ideas. So grab your seat and enjoy this read!

Lunchspread- Free Lunch For You!

What? Yes, Lunchspread is a startup that delivers free lunch for you! It works in the following way. Lunchspread works supported with not-so-known restaurants in your area. In order to expand their area, these restaurants are willing to send free samples to you with the help of this startup, which takes care of targeting people who are more likely to like the food and order again. In order to make use of this service, you will need to sign up as a group and fill out a survey. Every delivery also comes with coupons and other offers. Without any doubts, a very interesting business model.

WeWork – Share Your Office:

Nowadays it’s possible to work remotely. It especially applies to IT professionals like programmers, developers, etc. WeWork is a very interesting startup, because it offers you office space without having to pay for the full service. So if you like to road remotely yet need an office space every now and then, then you make use of WeWork services and hire a comfy, professional and modern office without problems. This startup gives you the excellent opportunity to save tons of money in renting fees.

Tinder Is Not Only For Humans:

Did you know that there’s also a Tinder for dogs? For real, it really exists and is called BarkBuddy. This app makes it easy for you to find and adopt a dog. They use the same Tinder functions, but in this occasion you are not going to find someone to go in a date with, you are going to find a little dog you will want to adopt!

This is one of those interesting startups that help animals to get a home!

Thank You… a Lot!

Here we have another interesting startup: Thankster. Thanks to it you will be able to send personalized Thank You cards to people you care about. And the best part is that these cards look like they were hand-written. It’s a very nice idea that can serve to many purposes: weddings, happy birthdays, etc. There are many uses for this type of service!

Create Your Own Board Games!

And finally we have The Game Crafter. Did you ever want to create your own version of monopoly? Then here you have the chance to make it a reality thanks to this company. You only need to enter and make use of their system, which will allow you to create your own version from many different board games, and then purchase as many copies as you want.

How to make money from pinterest

Have you heard of this new social network? Well, it’s not so new, because it’s been around the internet for some years. And the truth is that this network can be quite profitable if you know how to exploit it. We know that Pinterest may be something new for you, but on this article we are going to discuss it, so you can learn how you turn it into a cash generating machine. We are pretty sure that once you finish reading this article, you will have the knowledge necessary to start taking advantage of this goldmine.

But first, let’s give a look on why Pinterest is such a good network.

Why Pinterest is Pure Gold?

Because of its traffic. If you compare the conversion rate obtained by using Twitter traffic, in comparison to the one you get from, the difference is quite noticeable. Because the people who navigate and use this social network are in “buy mode”. They are mainly women in the US, so they are looking to buy all sorts of womanly products.

If you sell makeup, purses or women clothes, then you are going to have great success in Pinterest, because as we have said before, this network is populated mainly by women, who will be more than happy to purchase your products.

The problem here is that you need to know how to market your products, because this is the only way by which you will obtain the best results. And thanks to this article you will learn the fundamentals, which will bring tons of money to your pockets if you know how to implement them correctly.

Create Relevant Boards:

It gives you the opportunity to create your own boards. Let’s say you are targeting the big niche of women clothing, then you can create a board for leather purses for women, another for coats, and another for underwear and so on. You need to segment your niches, because these boards will allow you to target certain types of persons. Because if you try to target the whole niche with only one board, none will visit your visit or buy your products, because there will be a huge mess.

You need to organize your content with the help of boards, that’s why Pinterest has created them.

Another thing you need to do, is to fill your boards with content.

The Content:

Don’t try to link to affiliate sites directly from it, this will grant you a ban. Always link to your site, and from time to time, add images to your boards that link to other sites. The end goal here is to provide people with value, and your boards should be full of HQ content.

If you do your job, then you will get tons of visitors in a short time. That’s the power of Pinterest. The traffic is almost instant, and you will get obtain excellent returns from it, because as we have said before: they are ready to buy.


5 Cost-Effective Ways You Can Add Value to your Staff’s Employment Package

Attracting talented employees or keeping the ones you have can be a tough job, especially in a world which is reigned by competition. If you want to break the mold, and attract talent like a magnet while keeping your most important employees on board, then this article is the answer to all your problems. We are going to show you 5 cost-effective ways by which you can add value to your employment package, so you can retain your current workers and attract promising human talent to your company.

Offer Business Training:

We know that business training can be very expensive sometimes, but if you choose a nice plan, it doesn’t have to be that way. Business training will allow them to perfect their skills and become more capable, and this is something modern employees are looking for, especially those who are very talented.

They are looking for opportunities that allow them to grow and become better persons, and if you bring them this kind of training, then they will be glad to work for you. You will keep them motivated and in better conditions, and at the end this will benefit you: because they will be more productive for your company.

Improve The Work Environment:

If you want your current employees to stay, and attract new ones, then you must make sure the work environment is really that good. Almost none wants to work in an environment that’s set for full stress, and this is especially true for the corporate world.

You should try to add A/C if the weather is too hot or calefaction if the weather is too cold. Whatever to make them feel more comfortable. This will keep them highly motivated and ready to make the most out of their time in your office.

Recognize Their Talent or Function:

If you want to keep your employees motivated, then you need to make sure they know that their function or talent is. You must tell them how they are adding value to your company, because each one of us want to feel appreciated, and your employees are not an exception.

You should put an extra effort on this, because if they feel valued as individuals and because of their function, they are likely to work better because of the motivation obtained, and because they feel they are actually doing something useful.

Reward Them:

Rewarding them for a very well-done job can motivate them very much. Use this carefully, so you don’t spoil them. Only reward your employees when they do a very nice job, do this so they know that you appreciate their hard work.


Every now and then you should challenge your employees. This will break them out of the routine and feel like they have a real purpose in your company. Don’t make it way too hard or out of their skills set, just make it more difficult and a real challenge for them with a reward at the end.