5 Reasons to Buy Pre-Owned Jewellery and Watches

5 Reasons to Buy Pre-Owned Jewellery and Watches

If you’re looking to purchase a luxury high quality watch or piece of jewellery, have you considered buying it pre-owned? There are hundreds of pre-owned pieces on the market, including  used audemars piguet watches, which if bought from a verified vendor can provide you with your very own slice of, slightly cheaper, luxury.



Pre-owned pieces often come at a much lower price than buying it new, depending on the condition of the piece. If it happens to be vintage, it may come at a cost because the piece is more desirable and sought after. However, if you are looking to purchase an item that is new and its market price has not increased significantly, then buying pre-owned is a better option.

As soon as a new item is taken out of a store, the price drops significantly. There are many brand new but pre-owned pieces; many people will purchase a new watch and choose to sell it shortly after for a number of reasons, be it an unwanted gift or they no longer like it.

Excellent quality and durability

Luxury goods are designed and built to last, which is why purchasing a pre-owned piece should be a sincere consideration. If an item has been cared for and maintained, then it should remain in excellent condition for decades. This means that even though a piece is pre-owned, it can still look as good as new. Luxury items are always designed with a classic style, which makes the piece timeless and perfect to wear year in year out.

Vast selection

Another benefit to buying pre-owned is the selection of pieces you can choose from. With pre-owned, you aren’t limited to the collections offered in a store. You can choose from all collections, limited and exclusive, vintage and brand new. The possibilities are endless!

No price drop-off or mark-ups

As soon as you make a luxury purchase, like buying a new car, the price immediately drops as soon as you leave the store. Buying pre-owned not only eliminates the drop-in price, but it also means you can buy it for cheaper in the first place and it won’t be marked up like watches are in a store.