5 Reasons Why Security is Vital For Your Business Premises

As crime figures continue to rise and incidents of theft steadily increase, it is becoming ever more important for people to improve security measures for their homes and businesses. Understanding what types of crime are prevalent in your area will help give you a good benchmark around where to focus your security plans, especially if you’re yet to install any security on your property. For e.g. if opportunist residential thefts are accounting for the majority of reported crimes in your area, then it is recommended to focus your security on home doors and windows, ensuring these are supported by adequate locks and both are covered by an alarm system. If outside storage units have been recently targeted, then maybe CCTV and lighting would be the best deterrent.

Businesses on the other hand can often be targeted for stock or materials that are stored on or around the site. Keeping these in a locked secure compound is obviously the safest storage location. However, with more and more businesses needing to store materials this way, unauthorised access and easy thefts are becoming more common. To ensure any compound areas are made as safe as possible it is recommended these are covered by motion sensor security flood lights and video surveillance. Combining these together can help reduce thefts dramatically as well-placed lighting is often the best way to deter criminals from entering a site. For businesses in Essex, Essex security can provide the comprehensive security advice you need.

The 5 main reasons to improve security on your business premises will fall under the following headings:

  • To protect stock, materials or personal possessions from theft.
  • To deter break-ins and prevent damage to your property.
  • To keep insurance premiums low.
  • To protect employees and provide a safe working environment.
  • To free up valuable time for business needs.

Employee safety should of course be considered the number one priority for improving security on your business premises. CCTV plays a huge role in this and can also be used to identify the cause of any accidents on site, to make sure certain health and safety measures are being adhered to, and the recordings can be used in playback as evidence of any criminal damage caused, if a break in should occur.

However, theft can also be the deciding factor for considering a security upgrade as this often has a huge negative effect on business finances and time. Time spent dealing with the effects will put a hold on business development plans or slow down the services to customers. For businesses whose vehicles and tools are stolen, work can often grind to a halt until insurance companies can provide replacement vehicles and new tools are sourced. This can be a few days or a number of weeks. Insurance premiums can also rise after thefts, and the knock-on effect of the financial losses sometimes have to be passed onto the customer. It is therefore imperative to install adequate security, as this will quickly pay for itself in both time and money saved. If you would like to ensure your premises are adequately covered by your current security measures, then seeking the advice of a professional provider is recommended.