Early Autumn Is A Great Time To Sell Your Property

Seasonal Benefits for Property Vendors

Are you hoping to sell your home this year? Early autumn is a great time to do so. Get your property valued and on the market today.

The property market has been back in full swing this summer, as the post-lockdown climate is looking extremely promising for buyers and sellers alike. The latest figures from Rightmove reveal that August saw the highest volume of monthly sales in more than 10 years. This has increased by more than 20% in comparison to previous Augusts, amassing a total record value of £37bn. If you’re considering selling your property, don’t be worried that you’ve missed the summer boat. Putting your property on the market in early autumn offers a wealth of benefits for vendors.

Stamp Duty Holiday

The stamp duty holiday announced by Chancellor Rishi Sunak is still in effect until the 31st March, 2021. This means that getting your property on the market now will entice plenty of buyers who are interested in taking advantage of this incentive in the coming months. The stamp duty holiday has had a knock-on effect across all areas of the market, with first-time buyer sales up 29%, second-stepper activity up 38% and agreed sales on larger homes up 59%.

Getting In Before Christmas

Early autumn is a popular time for property viewings and buyers are aware that the purchase process can take three to four months. An estate agents Chelmsford firm explains that in having an offer accepted in early autumn, buyers could reasonably expect to have the keys to their new home by Christmas. This is an important date to many and helps families to plan their arrangements long before the festivities commence.

Warm Climate

Winter rarely begins in September and the temperature is usually warm enough to still spend a bit of time outdoors. If your garden is one of the main selling points of your home, then early autumn gives you a great opportunity to show it off. Since lockdown, there has been an incredible demand for homes with attractive and sizeable gardens, so make sure yours is looking up to scratch. Declutter the area from unnecessary items and arrange your furniture to showcase your outdoor entertaining space. If the leaves are starting to fall, make sure you sweep them up regularly.

Cosy Interiors

At this time of year, buyers love the idea of cosying up for the season. When looking around your home, it’s important that your interior reflects this. On days where it is a little chilly, you might want to consider turning the heating on, but not too high. You can also swap out some of your summery cushions and decorations to replace with snug autumnal textiles. Faux fur throws and tartan blankets can transform the look of your property and help to convince buyers that this is the home they’ve been dreaming of.


Natural light can be a really important factor in selling a home, and luckily there are still plenty of daylight hours in early autumn. So long as your viewings are conducted before the clocks turn back at the end of October, then you should be able to make the most of light flooding into your home. Try not to arrange any property viewings for too late in the evening when the light will have dipped. If this is unavoidable then use clever lighting with table lamps and brighter bulbs to offer more illumination.

If you’ve been considering getting your home on the market, then now is the right time to act for that early autumn sale.