Everything You Need to Know About the NEBOSH Course

The Ultimate Health and Safety Qualification

A NEBOSH course is essential for anyone looking to progress in the health and safety sector – but what does it include and how is it delivered?

The NEBOSH certificate is one of the most widely recognised health and safety qualifications in the world. What though, does the National Certificate In Construction Health & Safety entail, and where can you find the best NEBOSH course Essex has to offer?

What is a NEBOSH course?

First things first, what is a NEBOSH course? Well, the course is the gateway to the NEBOSH certificate. This is the most widely held health and safety certificate in the UK. Those who hold the qualification will be able to show that they have a wide ranging understanding of the current key health and safety issues. There’s no entry-level skills needed to take part, so it’s a course that is open to everyone. Which quite neatly takes us on to our next point…

Who is the course for?

So who is an NEBOSH course aimed at? This course is targeted at those working in the construction industry, specifically those wanting to carve out a successful career in health & safety. So if you have health and safety responsibilities within your role, this is the course for you. The NEBOSH Certificate is recognised by employers in a range of sectors and is based on UK legislation. It’s the perfect first step for someone wanting to make their mark in the HSE industry.

What does the course include?

The NEBOSH course is one of the most comprehensive health and safety courses available in the UK, and covers all of the key legal requirements for health and safety. It will also help you to hone your skills in identifying workplace hazards. All of the legislation that’s covered is fully up to date, so you will be fully briefed on all the current health and safety standards for the construction industry. As it’s a course that’s perfect for industry newcomers, it’s the ideal way to immerse yourself and give yourself the best possible foundation for success.

How it’s delivered

The course can be taken online or in a class. Given the current circumstances, being able to take the course online is going to be the preferred option for many participants. The course is 13 days long in total. This amounts to 106 hours, with the addition of 58 hours of private study and background reading. The course is made up of three units which must be successfully completed within five years. So it’s not something you have to rush!

Find a great provider

If you are going to get the most out of your NEBOSH course, then it’s vital you undertake yours with a trusted provider. Target Zero are a firm favourite with those in the construction industry, and offer a wide range of courses – including NEBOSH. All courses are led by experienced specialists in their fields, and you’ll be able to benefit from extensive support and flexibility. No wonder they’re considered by many to be the best place to undergo your NEBOSH training in Essex.

Book your place today

Now that you know where to find the best provider of NEBOSH training in Essex, why not book your place on a course today? It could be just what you need to take your career to the next level.