Exclusive Look At The iPhone 8 Design

Is this how the iPhone 8 will look?
Is this how the iPhone 8 will look?

Get a sneak peek at the latest offering from Apple

With a bold new design, impressive phone-to-screen ratio and improved camera features, the new iPhone 8 is set to surprise and delight Apple fans.

Whispers from the Apple supply chain indicate that the new iPhone 8 could be unveiled in September of this year. In anticipation of the release we take a sneak look at the new design and highlight some of the key features we can expect to see in this latest Apple product.

Bold new design

For many Apple fans and industry experts the iPhone design hit its peak in 2014, and, while tweaks have been made since, they feel that a fresh new iPhone design is long overdue. Enter the iPhone 8.

The new iPhone 7s and 7s Plus are expected to have glass backs rather than aluminium, and the iPhone 8 builds on this further with a bold new design that sandwiches a stainless steel frame between two 2.5D glass panels. It is thought that the design will get rid of its predecessors’ bezels, leaving an almost edge to edge display. This, along with the glass panels is intended to create an attractive seamless appearance, helping to give the illusion that the phone is made of one continuous sheet of glass.

New display

As well as a bold new design, the face of the iPhone 8 will also feature a new OLED display. By rearranging the phone’s internal components and completely removing the device’s physical ‘home’ button, Apple will deliver an impressive screen-to-body ratio that will outstrip even the widely-praised 83% ratio offered by the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+.

Dual-lens camera

A prototype of the new iPhone features an oversized ‘camera bump’ on the rear. Unlike the iPhone 7s, this ‘bump’ is positioned vertically rather than horizontally, and experts suggest that this area of the phone could house a new dual-lens camera system complete with microphone and LED flash. While we expect the phone to offer the same optical zoom ability as the iPhone 7 Plus, it could also offer some exciting new features in the field of augmented reality. There are also rumours circulating that the phone could feature a front-facing 3D camera for 3D scanning and facial recognition.


Although reports on this differ, one possible feature offered by the new iPhone will be a TouchID fingerprint scanner embedded directly onto the phone’s display. Apple has in fact patented the technology that would enable them to do this but opinion within the industry is split on whether the technology is mature enough to enable mass production at the scale required. Another option would be to move the scanner to the back of the handset, but when Apple floated this idea previously it was not well-received, so we wait with bated breath to see how the company answers this conundrum.

What about headphones?

One of the questions on everyone’s lips is ‘will Apple bring back the 3.5mm headphone jack?’ The answer is ‘not as such’. Unlike its immediate predecessors, the iPhone 8 is expected to offer wireless charging, meaning that the lightning port is always free for headphones. However, you will still need an adaptor if you wish to use 3.5mm headphones with your iPhone.

Getting your hands on the iPhone 8

The iPhone 8 is earmarked for release some time in September with additional stock becoming available the following month. However, with reports of production difficulties, initial supply could be limited, so if you want to get your hands on one of these babies, expect to spend a lot of time in one of the infamous Apple queues that stretch for blocks.

For those who prefer not to queue overnight and are not too bothered about having the very latest features, the release will also bring plenty of opportunities to snap up a cheap iPhone 7 as Apple aficionados ditch their current device and rush to get their hands on the latest offering from the technology giants.

More to come

As is always the case with new Apple products, the company tends to play its cards very close to its chest. But as the launch date draws nearer we will surely see further leaks, mock-ups and official announcements, enabling us to draw a more detailed picture of the new iPhone 8. We expect lots more to come from Apple, so watch this space…