Five Reasons Why Rolex Are So Successful

Five Reasons Why Rolex Are So Successful

Rolex is seen as the best watchmaker among major Swiss watch manufacturers in the world, and here are five reasons why Rolex are so successful.



Rolex are known as one of the most well-known brands among the world’s luxury watch brands. There are two distinct Rolex customer groups – those who know a lot, and those who know very little about rolex for sale. A knowledgeable watch-lover buys Rolex for its extreme high quality and complicated craftsmanship. Other Rolex customers don’t know much about watches, only that Rolex is the best watch brand in the industry. For them, the primary motivator is: if you’re going to wear a watch, it’s got to be a Rolex. This is a huge compliment for the brand – because even if a person who knows nothing about watches views one specific brand as Number One, the company is doing something right.

Product quality

The basis for Rolex’s success is its extremely high product quality extending over the many years of its existence. Rolex watches show time accurately and are robust, sturdy and reliable. Rolex have maintained consistent high quality with an estimated three-quarters of a million pieces to its name.

Everything a watch needs

The significance of the Rolex name is linked to the fact that the brand introduced innovative features quite early on, making the watch well-suited for everyday wear. Rolex founder Hans Wilsdorf submitted a wristwatch movement to the renowned Kew-Teddington observatory for chronometer certification in 1914. Today, the chronometer test has become a standard feature for in-house mechanical Rolex calibers.

The first water-resistant wristwatch was released in 1927, followed by an automatic winding mechanism a couple of years later – because to ensure the water-resistance of a watch, it shouldn’t be necessary to pull the crown every day.

Design and recognition

The everyday wearability of a watch is a function of its design. The round shape of a Rolex contributes to its water-resistance features and its superior legibility. The central sweep seconds hand and date magnifier are also key features in a Rolex watch. Existing collections are maintained and continuously improved over the years. Only very careful modifications to the iconic design of individual model collections over the decades have resulted in a high level of recognition. There are no sudden design shifts or leaps, and even case sizes are altered very gradually; this is why it’s always easy to recognise a Rolex from a distance – and it’s not just the specialists who recognise them.

Stability in value

The moment you buy a watch, it drops in value – except for Rolex. For the high-demand sport models in stainless steel, it’s possible to get just a little less, or maybe even more, than the original purchase price. This is an attractive point for any customer – regardless of whether they are buying the watch for a particular reason.