How Much Value Does a Conservatory Add to A Home?

Home improvements can add value to your home, and effects how much you can put the house on sale for and how much people are willing to pay for it. There is a debate whether or not a conservatory adds value to a home; a number of factors come into play when talking about a conservatories value, and who would benefit from having one.

Conservatories add value to properties, but not as much as a proper extension. A luxury conservatory however can add immense value to a property; if you’re willing to spend anything up to £100,000. It really depends on what features you want, such as intricate gabling, brickwork or even high-tech glass.

Conservatories are becoming more and more popular because of their uses and space, so long as they are made from glass or high quality resources. Conservatories built with uPvc can deter buyers because it feels dated and isn’t very durable in different seasons. They can add value to the home, as long as they’re made from quality materials. A standard conservatory costing between £10,000 and £20,000 could increase value by five per cent – which is £17,500 extra on a £350,000 home.

If you are considering having one built, it’s important to do some research into them and have some considerations in mind. For example, conservatories work best for a south facing garden and it’s important that the area the conservatory will occupy is not shaded and have limited impact on the remaining garden. Have a budget in mind too, and research companies near and far.

A proper extension can add more value to a property than a conservatory. This is because conservatories will need to be regularly maintained to prevent leaks, algae build up in the gutters and general disrepair. Extensions however will be built with much deeper foundations, be insulated, heated and have a sturdier roof as extensions are built to last a lengthy amount of time.

If your heart is set on a conservatory, make sure it is in keeping the style of your house. After all, a mismatched, tacked-on conservatory could harm the value of your home, or at the very least, make it much harder to sell your property in the future. A luxury conservatory will always cost a little more, but as an investment it will add far more to the value of a home and improve its sale-ability too.