How to Have the Best-Looking Car on the Street

How to Have the Best-Looking Car on the Street

Keeping Your Car at its Best Takes More Than Just a 20 Minute Wash

People judge us by the car we drive, and it runs deeper than just the make and model. Get yours professionally detailed to stand out from the rest.


Whether you have a ten-year-old run-around or a brand new supercar, there are a host of benefits to keeping it looking its best. For one thing, a car that is meticulously cleaned, waxed and detailed will withstand the ravages of time better, meaning it holds its value when the time comes for a trade in. But while that makes plenty of logical sense, cars are about more than logic.

When your vehicle looks better than any other car on your street, it gives you a boost that is hard to define. It also makes for a far more pleasant environment in which to spend those hours behind the wheel. Achieving that demands means more than just nipping to the local car wash and getting your pride and joy attacked from all sides by a jet wash. What it needs is the tender ministrations of a professional car detailer.


1) Inexperience can do more harm than good

Properly detailing a car takes at least a couple of hours. It can even take a day or more, depending on exactly what is being done. Try to do it yourself, and you can double that immediately. The tragedy is that after all that time and effort, there is no way you will achieve the same results that a professional will in far shorter time. Worse, if you use the wrong products or overdo the buffing and polishing, it is only too easy to eat into the protective layer on your paintwork and do damage that would cost hundreds, or even thousands, of pounds to put right.

Whether you own a ten-year-old Fiesta or a ten day old Ferrari, that simply makes no sense. When we have a problem with the plumbing, we use a plumber and if we have a problem with the law, we use a lawyer, as in both cases, trying to fix it ourselves is likely to lead to disaster. The same applies here.

2) Professionals have access to the good stuff

Here’s a secret – while the professionals certainly have the skills, they also have the tools. That’s why, no matter how attentive you are, it’s impossible to get the same results at home.

Professional car detailers do not use the off-the-shelf polishes and products that you can pick up in your supermarket or auto factor but use bespoke products that are typically unavailable on the retail market.

3) Your car is better protected

In case you had not already noticed, the nights are drawing in and the temperature is dropping. Detailing is about more than making your car look good, it also includes protecting the vehicle against the frost, salt and slush that will soon be part of day to day life on the UK’s roads. By taking a proactive approach and getting your vehicle detailed now, it won’t just be the best-looking car on your street today. It will also be outshining the rest next spring, whatever the British climate has in store for us.