How to make money from pinterest

Have you heard of this new social network? Well, it’s not so new, because it’s been around the internet for some years. And the truth is that this network can be quite profitable if you know how to exploit it. We know that Pinterest may be something new for you, but on this article we are going to discuss it, so you can learn how you turn it into a cash generating machine. We are pretty sure that once you finish reading this article, you will have the knowledge necessary to start taking advantage of this goldmine.

But first, let’s give a look on why Pinterest is such a good network.

Why Pinterest is Pure Gold?

Because of its traffic. If you compare the conversion rate obtained by using Twitter traffic, in comparison to the one you get from, the difference is quite noticeable. Because the people who navigate and use this social network are in “buy mode”. They are mainly women in the US, so they are looking to buy all sorts of womanly products.

If you sell makeup, purses or women clothes, then you are going to have great success in Pinterest, because as we have said before, this network is populated mainly by women, who will be more than happy to purchase your products.

The problem here is that you need to know how to market your products, because this is the only way by which you will obtain the best results. And thanks to this article you will learn the fundamentals, which will bring tons of money to your pockets if you know how to implement them correctly.

Create Relevant Boards:

It gives you the opportunity to create your own boards. Let’s say you are targeting the big niche of women clothing, then you can create a board for leather purses for women, another for coats, and another for underwear and so on. You need to segment your niches, because these boards will allow you to target certain types of persons. Because if you try to target the whole niche with only one board, none will visit your visit or buy your products, because there will be a huge mess.

You need to organize your content with the help of boards, that’s why Pinterest has created them.

Another thing you need to do, is to fill your boards with content.

The Content:

Don’t try to link to affiliate sites directly from it, this will grant you a ban. Always link to your site, and from time to time, add images to your boards that link to other sites. The end goal here is to provide people with value, and your boards should be full of HQ content.

If you do your job, then you will get tons of visitors in a short time. That’s the power of Pinterest. The traffic is almost instant, and you will get obtain excellent returns from it, because as we have said before: they are ready to buy.