How To Promote Your Business On YouTube

Social media video promo with Google's Youtube.Tips For Expanding Your Brand Audience With A Corporate Video

Learn how to promote your corporate video effectively on YouTube. Make the most of your channel and network with your target audience.

Many companies are now aware of the importance of social media. Brands frequently utilise platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn to gain an online following and develop a relationship with their digital customers. However, a tactic that is used less but is potentially even more effective is to promote your business on YouTube. With a reported 78% of consumers watching videos online each week, it stands to reason that this is a direction that savvy brands will want their marketing teams to focus on.

Getting Started

Although YouTube features millions of amateur videos, a superior approach for your brand would be to task a reputable firm of corporate film makers to make an engaging and professional video for your company. Typically, the most shared and viewed videos are either informative or funny. Although depending on the nature of your brand and its position in the marketplace, it may not be appropriate to deliver an amusing video. Always be clear on the directive for your film and do your research beforehand by watching the relevant competition on YouTube. This should give you an idea of what works well within your niche.

Fill In The Fields

Before you upload your video, you should spend some time researching keywords to tag your film with. This is what YouTube visitors will search for, so make sure that the tags are relevant to your video. Look at the most popular videos that you will be competing against and study the keywords that are used. You can ‘borrow’ some of these tags for your video from competitors in your niche which will allow you to piggyback on the success of your rivals. It is likely that as you have a shared interest, then your video will be featured in the ‘Suggestions’ panel which will allow you to direct visitors back to your own channel.

The descriptions field of your video is an important area to focus on in YouTube. Always remember to include the URL of your website so that you can receive click-throughs to a landing page. It is worth including a strong call-to-action (CTA) within the description field which might urge viewers to rate your video, share it on Facebook, visit your site for further information, add a comment or even embed the video on their own website.

Pay Attention To Your Own Channel

Before uploading your video, give some attention to your company’s YouTube channel. You should include an appealing summary of your brand and ensure that you include your own company logo. You can add thumbnails of your videos so be sure to select those which are the most interesting and will result in clicks and views.

Promote Your Own Videos

YouTube is a powerful network, but it is not enough simply to upload your video and expect visitors to find it. Committed marketers must find other ways to direct both potential and existing customers towards their YouTube channel. You can start by embedding the video content within your own website and sharing it on other social platforms such as Facebook or Twitter. Don’t forget that YouTube is a social network as well, so spend time commenting on other videos, making friends, joining groups and getting involved!