Looking to Connect With International Colleagues? Try Remote Team Building!

Virtual Team Building Could Help Your Business

If you want to boost your working relationship with colleagues based in different countries, virtual team building could be just what you need.

For companies with team members based in different countries, the current restrictions on the way we all have to work can feel even more stark. However, thanks to virtual team building events, you can maintain a great working relationship with your co-workers, no matter where they are based.

The world of work has changed

There is no doubt that the way we work has changed beyond belief. Where people once worked shoulder to shoulder with colleagues or even jetted from country to country as part of their role, they are now largely confined to their desks at home. If you had told someone last year that working remotely would become the new normal within the space of a few months, they would have laughed! However, the new normal it is – and we all have to adapt.

An international team

If you have a diverse, international workforce, then some of them may have returned to their home countries during the COVID-19 crisis. While you cannot begrudge anyone from doing this, it does make staying connected as a workforce that little bit more challenging. Likewise, business trips are out of the question now. So if you were used to travelling to and fro to keep an eye on multiple operations, you may feel like you’re out of the loop.

Remote team building

If you are feeling as if there is a disconnect between you and the members of your team as you work in different countries, there are three magic words that could turn things around! Those three words are remote team building. This has become increasingly popular with companies all over the world looking for a way to stay connected with their colleagues. You just log on, and your event leader will guide you and your co-workers through a fun activity – all without you needing to leave the house!

How it works

Remote team building events are delivered through video calling software. If you aren’t too confident using this kind of software or you have had a few mishaps with it in the past, then you can relax. Team building companies have been constantly refining and developing their remote events further during the course of the past few months. Your event leader will be able to show you how to join in an event with no problems, so you can just log in and enjoy yourself!

Find the best events

If you’re really going to get the most out of a remote team building event, then you need to find a great provider. Zing Events are one of the largest providers of virtual team building activities in the UK, and are able to coordinate events for international teams with ease. Just choose an event and pick a time that works for everyone, and they will do the rest!

What are you waiting for?

If you want to find out more about how a remote team building event could work for you and your colleagues, you know who to call! In no time at all, you and your team members could be taking part in a fun event that brings you all together even while you’re working apart. So why delay?