Spice up your office lunch with sandwich platters London

A new approach to workplace lunches

Say goodbye to boring lunches. Treat your employees to a sandwich platter delivery and help to improve morale and boost productivity levels.

The lunch break is an important part of the working day – a chance to take a break from work, and to take some time for yourself, whether that’s sitting down with a book and a sandwich or catching up with friends over a hot meal. However, all too often (when we take them at all), our workday lunches are rushed and uninspiring – often offering a choice between a limp sandwich meal deal or a microwaved tub of supermarket soup.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. In a bid to spice up office lunches, many companies in the capital are treating their employees and clients to the delivery of sandwich platters London.

Spice things up

In recent years, a growing number of catering companies that offer office lunch deliveries have been popping up in city centre locations. And they’re helping to banish boring office lunches by providing a choice of sandwich platters, salad platters, and even dessert platters, making them a popular choice for corporate events, lunchtime meetings and staff lunches.

It’s also an easy way to ensure that employees have ready access to healthy lunch options. Many takeaway lunches are high in salt, fat and calories, and an unhealthy diet can have a negative impact on people’s health, increasing the risk of colds and other illnesses. Providing your staff with a healthy lunch can help to improve their health and wellbeing and reduce the amount of time lost to sickness – which can only be a good thing for your organisation.

Improve staff morale

As well as making lunchtimes a little more exciting, ordering in some tasty lunches can also play a key role in improving staff morale. Research has shown that employees who feel that their company cares about their wellbeing are happier in their jobs and less likely to leave the organisation. Simply speaking, your workers want to feel appreciated – and making sure that they’re well fed can go a long way towards achieving that.

Looking at the wider picture, making sure your employees feel valued can help to improve staff satisfaction and reduce staff turnover, which in turn can help you to reduce the costs associated with employee recruitment.

Boost productivity

In a similar vein, ordering sandwich platters to your office can also boost productivity levels. Everyone knows that happy employees equal more productive employees, but it also works on a more practical level. Studies have shown that we don’t perform at our best when we’re hungry, but unfortunately, in a busy workplace, the lunchbreak is often the first thing to be sacrificed. By providing your workers with a lunch that’s delivered straight to the office you can ensure that they can stay sharp, perform to the best of their abilities, and are well-fuelled for the afternoon ahead. What’s more, if your team are facing a tight deadline, an office lunch delivery will enable them to grab the food that they need without having to leave the building.

It may not be something you’ve considered before but arranging a regular sandwich platter delivery to your office can have a hugely positive impact on both your employees and the organisation itself.  So, spice up your office lunch with a sandwich platter and start reaping the benefits.