The Top Interior Design Tips To Follow

Whether you’re looking to renovate one room, your entire house or maybe you just want to mix things up and make some tweaks and don’t know where to start – here are some helpful interior design tips to get you started.

The 60/30/10 Rule

This timeless decorating concept is simple to use and helps people put together a colour scheme they will love that will give balance throughout the space.

The idea is that the walls and floor coverings make up approximately 60% of the room and will therefore be the ‘dominant colour’ which is why a neutral choice is often favourable. The secondary colour will make up around 30% of the room and includes things like furniture – sofas, chairs, beds etc. and is suitable for bolder shades. Finally the 10% would be an ‘accent colour’ for things like lighting and accessories – a great place to really make a statement and be daring with bright, vibrant shades or event metals.

Go Light for Small Rooms

One thing that a lot of people struggle with nowadays is smaller rooms and finding a way to utilise the living space and make it as bright and big as possible. Painting a small room a darker shade no matter how fabulous the colour; will make it feel small, cramped and boxed in. Opting for natural, bright, light coloured walls will make the most of space and give the illusion the room is bigger than it is.

Mirrors Are So Much More Than Just An Accessory

Another trick for making smaller rooms feel instantly larger is to add mirrors! If used wisely the clever placement of mirrors on the walls helps to reflect the natural light coming in from the windows so the room feels bigger as well as being a fun and decorative way to accessorise and add an extra element to the living space.

Don’t Be Afraid To Mix it up

A common mistake people can make when they are unsure of what to do in a room is to make it all ‘matching’. They see a set of furniture they like or a fabric pattern and they buy everything in that set which creates a bland, one dimensional room with no real flair.

Get stuck in and really mix it up with textures, fabrics and patterns, lower end with more expensive pieces, modern with old and different time periods can all work together to create a unique space you will love. Try modern fabrics and chic accessories combined with beautiful rustic furniture UK to achieve a warm and stylish living space.

Only Choose Items You Love

Too often people get so carried away with what’s ‘in style’ that they fail to remember the most important thing – what THEY like! Ignore the fads, trends and tastes of those around you and make sure you follow your own style. Decorate with your heart not your head and fill your home with items you will love to look at every day.


Sometimes what you leave out of a room is just as important as what you put in it. Spending some time to create and map out a floor plan can help give you a visual as to where the furniture will go as well as working around practicalities like plug sockets, radiators and doors. The key is to make sure there is plenty of space to move around and in-between the furniture otherwise it affects the flow of the room and the day to day function.

Like an artist with a painting it’s important to know when to stop and put the brush down – with interior design the key is not to fill a room with so many items it becomes overfull and cramped. Too many items, accessories and furniture can have the adverse desired affect and make a room feel dated and overcrowded. 

However you decide to style your home remember to plan ahead. Mood boards, fabric swatches and colour charts can all be great for getting a clear vision of what you wish to create and make it easier to stay focused and achieve the desired results.