The Ultimate Guide to Temporary Power and Generator Hire

Here’s everything you need to know about hiring generators

Whether you’re looking for a back-up solution to cover a power outage or simply need temporary power for an event or project, then here is a guide to how generator hire works…

Emergency cover

It’s important for many types of businesses, from public institutions to event providers, to have a plan in the eventuality of a power outage. This is where emergency generator hire comes in. Many generator hire companies are available 24/7 and 365 days a year to provide you with temporary power solutions with a rapid response rate.

Take noise into consideration

When deciding which generator to hire for an event or temporary power solution such as illuminating a construction site, it is important to consider the implications of a noisy generator. If your generator will be running all night or is in a built-up area you may decide to hire a hybrid model as they can run silently. Another option is an acoustic canopy, which can be installed to deaden the sound.

Following the rules

When hiring a generator and installing temporary power solutions it is important that the many health and safety protocols are followed and understood. Ask your trusted hire company to ensure you are following the regulations regarding fuel, noise, cabling and safe use.


Unfortunately generators cannot be simply placed anywhere. Instead, where the equipment is sited is extremely important to the function and safety of the generators. Unexpected things that have to be considered are the stability of the ground, the temperature of the environment and the potential flood risk. Your chosen generator company should be expertly trained to find the safest and best position. 

Buy vs. Rent

The prospect of an unexpected power outage may push you to buy a back-up generator for your business, however this is not always the best solution. Generators can quickly become out dated and unsafe for use. Temporary generator hire often provides a better service, allowing you access to a wide-range of up to date generators that can be delivered and installed rapidly.

Once you know the basics, generator hire is a simple process. Let your expert generator hire company take care of everything!