Top Tips for Selling Your Home During the Summer

As a seller you have no control over what the weather is going to do on the day of your viewings or open house. In the winter months, it’s all about creating a warm, cosy and welcoming atmosphere but what about when it’s hot? Are there things you should be aware of or need to avoid?

We spoke to some expert estate agents in Romford and gathered their top tips for things you can do to help increase your chances of selling your home during the summer.

Choose Your Timing

If the temperature looks to be extremely hot on the day of viewings, then be sure to schedule them in the mornings when possible. The weather will be cooler and your potential buyers will be more comfortable rather than sweating and rushing to get round and leave.

Make the Most of Natural Light

A massive perk of the glorious summer is the sunshine so be sure to open up the home, the curtains, blinds, drapes and netting to take full advantage of all the wonderful natural light that will help make your home feel bigger and brighter.

Serve Cool Drinks

It tends to be tradition to offer tea and coffee in the UK and people quite often don’t want to put you out so will politely decline. Instead of simply asking if they would like a drink, have a nice cold pitcher of something like orange juice and lemonade with ice waiting in the kitchen for when they look round. This will make them feel welcome and more than likely very glad for a nice cold beverage.

Summer Garden

This is the perfect time of year to show off your outside space at both the front and back of your house so be sure to make the most of it. Mow the lawn, keep the hedges pruned, the trees trimmed, the ground de-weeded, the patio cleaned, the driveway power washed and the paths swept.

You might want to consider adding some additional plants in your borders or some colourful flowers in pots to really showcase your garden. Remember to add a lick of paint to any wooden surfaces that are looking old or tired such as fences, gates, doors, sheds and window sills. You’ll be surprised how much of a lift this can give your garden!

Outside Styling

So the greenery and plants are looking good but one thing sellers can often neglect to consider is how they style their garden. You want potential buyers to envisage themselves relaxing and enjoying the outside space so be sure to set the scene.

Put out stylish patio furniture and make sure it is clean, add some colourful throw pillows and blankets, parasols and seat cushions to make it modern and inviting.

Clean Your Windows

This might seem obvious but the summer months can really show off the dirt on your windows so be sure to give them a good clean inside and out or get a window cleaner round to give them the once over before your viewings.

Keep It Cool

Chances are you don’t have air conditioning in your home so you need to be mindful of the fact that it could get very warm inside. Open windows where possible if there is a breeze coming through and use fans to blow around some air.

Smells Like Summer

The summer heat can sometimes make homes smell stuffy and enhance unwanted aromas that come from pets and bins. Be sure to ventilate the home fully before viewings and use natural smelling scents to create a welcoming smell. Wax melts, candles, upholstery sprays, carpet foams and diffusers work particularly well.