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Use High Quality Printed Stickers For Product Promotions

How good quality stickers can be used for promotions as part of the marketing message. Deciding how to use stickers, what message to convey and where to put them.

A Method Helping To Make Sure Your Sales And Marketing Message Sticks

If you’ve bought an iPhone, iPad, Mac computer or other piece of Apple equipment you’d have received two stickers featuring the company’s iconic apple logo. It’s a smart way of you thinking you’ve been given a little gift and thus enhancing your relationship with the company, and a great way of their strong branding being spread further depending on where Apple owners choose to put the sticker.

The fact it’s a well-made sticker and features a strong brand makes it a potentially powerful marketing medium, and proof that the use of a sticker is more than just an afterthought. It’s a viable and in many cases very important part of marketing, promotions and image building.

Planning a Promotion

Once the objective of a promotion has been established, the next step is to establish what methods to deploy. Will advertising be used? If so, where and what type? Will social media be used? If so, what platforms and how? What about printed materials such as posters? Where will they be put up?

Stickers may well be considered and, if so, it’s important to decide what the aim is. Will they simply reinforce the brand as in the case of Apple? This works if the brand you have is strong to begin with; will people recognise your logo or strapline?

Perhaps the sticker is designed as a CTA (Call To Action) such as; “visit us online at …..  now!” or “enter our competition by calling ….. today!” or similar. Maybe it’s reinforcing a specific date of a new premises opening or product launch: “Available from 10th May!” or similar.

Where To Get Stickers?

Specialist companies make stickers and undertake label printing. Ask them about print runs and prices and for their advice on the materials (stock) to use for best effect; they’ll have helped many customers undertaking various promotions so will have plenty of experience to draw from.

Use their expertise once you’ve decided on the type of promotion you’ll be running and how stickers will play a part in it.

Type of Sticker

Colour, size and shape all matter hugely as does quality; a tacky, home made looking confection doesn’t convey a good message about you or your organisation and won’t be cherished by the recipient. As with the Apple example again, a clear sticker emerging as it does out of good quality packaging (the boxes Apple equipment comes in) is something people are more likely to keep and use thoughtfully.

Think about where the sticker will be used and under what conditions. For example, stickers being given to people at events may need to be smallish so they’re encouraged to put them on their clothing or maybe a bag; too big and they may not. If they’re designed to be fixed to something like, say, a phone case or around a drinks bottle then they need to be the right size and shape.


Don’t try and make a sticker do too much. If it’s a simple CTA then leave it at that; trying to cram too much information on a sticker will defeat the object. Remember, the sticker is part of a promotional activity and can’t be expected to do the whole job.

This is where snappy messages and strong logos lend themselves to sticker marketing. Strong, easy to remember slogans are ideal and may make people keen to find out more.

For example, if promoting a course or seminar to help people to learn about investing you might say on the sticker “learn to earn on [date and venue of event]” or “learning and earning with [company name]”.

Where Will The Stickers Appear?

Deciding where to put your stickers is key. If you hope to spread the word at an event such as an exhibition, then encouraging visitors to your stand to wear them means they’re wandering about carrying your message all day which will be seen by others who may also come and visit.

Perhaps you’ll add them to your posters and other materials? Reinforcing the message with a CTA on the sticker is a popular and effective way or attracting attention.

If you hope people will use your stickers on their vehicles, then naturally durable types that won’t deteriorate in the short term will be required. In extreme cases, companies effectively hire people’s cars to act as mobile billboards with large stickers (wraps) attached to them for a certain period.