Van graphics made to last

Van Graphics That Are Made To Last

An effective marketing tool that offers a great return on investment

Branded van graphics can help you to increase brand visibility and reach new audiences, but for a long-lasting finish, always choose 3M.

Good marketing is critical to the success of any organisation. If you’re looking for an effective marketing tool that will help you to grow your business, you might want to consider branded van graphics.

Involving the application of branded graphics or decals to your company vehicles, fleet vehicle branding essentially turns your vans into moving billboards for your organisation. And with a combination of low cost and high impact, it’s a great way of grabbing people’s attention and boosting your brand visibility.

Choose quality

However, not all van graphics are created equal, and getting the right finish is absolutely key to success. Branded vehicles can greatly increase your visibility, potentially reaching up to 3,000 people every hour – and for many of those people, this will be the first contact they have with your brand. With this in mind, it’s vital to make a good first impression.

Poor quality graphics will reflect negatively on your company, and could even damage your brand in the longer term. To avoid this situation, always opt for specially designed and formulated products that offer a high-quality finish – such as those offered by 3M graphics.

3M graphics

Science-based technology company 3M is a market leader in signage and vehicle graphics, which has built a reputation for providing durable and good quality products. Its adhesive technologies allow graphics to be installed quickly and easily, and present minimal installation and removal costs. As for the graphics themselves, they offer a striking, high quality finish, which will enable you to present your organisation in the best possible light.

Finding the right supplier

In order to enjoy all the benefits of 3M graphics, you will first need to find yourself the right supplier. Luckily, 3M has a network of approved partners that will help to make the job a little easier. This network is comprised of companies with a proven record in the graphics industry, who have a thorough understanding of 3M graphic films and their applications, and have signed up to a high standard of graphics production.

In order to become a member of the network, a graphics company has to meet rigorous standards when it comes to its hardware and software components, staff training, storage facilities, production environment and – most importantly – quality control. So, by choosing a supplier that is an approved 3M Select Graphic Partner you can be confident in the quality of the final product, and with a 3M MSC warranty, you can enjoy peace of mind that your fleet vehicle graphics are built to last.

Good design

With the quality of your vehicle graphics assured, you can concentrate your efforts on getting the design right.

In order to do this, you need to include your vehicle graphics in your wider marketing and branding strategy. Think carefully about your organisation’s aims and USPs, your target audiences, and the key messages you want to convey – this will all help you to create a design that’s relevant and powerful.  As to the design itself, simple is always best. Your vehicles will often be travelling at speed, so a bold, simple and striking design with minimal text is the most effective way of communicating with your potential customers.

Done well, fleet vehicle graphics can help you to win new customers and take your business from strength to strength