Where You Can Find The Top Children’s Entertainer in Kent

All sorts of entertainment for young people from proms, popcorn and parties

Entertainment for children has come a long way in recent years. The perception of a children’s entertainer as someone doing a few basic magic tricks in front of a room full of children is an outdated one; there are now various and sometimes spectacular ways children of all ages can be entertained.

For example, parties can be memorable affairs with a package, some of these include Hollywood musical-style large LED lettering, sweet carts, chocolate fountains and special lighting to create a fun and memorable experience, which can be tailored to suit particular age groups.

American style proms are becoming very popular in the UK with over 85% of UK schools holding them. They can be organised with the right help for those having completed their GCSE’s or A levels or younger people in the 10 to 11 year age range.

Specialist help

In order to entertain children effectively, whether through a lavish party, prom or something a little simpler like hiring Father Christmas for a youngsters seasonal gathering. Expert help from a professional, who is capable of laying on a suitable event should be sought.

For those in the South-East for example, this children’s entertainer in Kent offers a raft of services to entertain very young and slightly older children.

By the time you’ve hired equipment individually, booked a service such as a photo booth or sweet cart, or taken care of the multitude of services necessary to organise a school prom, you most likely would’ve found it far easier to ask an expert to package everything up for you.

What children’s entertainments are possible?

In the hands of a children’s entertainment professional there’s plenty of choice; many experts, such as the Kent example above, will be happy to tailor their offerings to suit your exact requirements.

School proms – a staple event for youngsters in the US and catching on here in a big way, a prom – or ‘school leaver’s ball’ as they’re often known here – can be tailored to suit specific age ranges.

For instance, a prom for youngsters in the 16 to 18 age brackets would be more ‘adult’ with maybe formal presentations and formal dining, while a prom for the 10 to 11 age range would be more ‘children’s party’ style with games and a disco complete with spectacular light show.

Children’s parties – an experienced entertainer can put together a party package to suit all ages and tastes; this could be organising the disco, maybe a snow or bubble machine, balloon puppets and sweets either as a cart or given out in a ‘goody bag’.

For older youngsters, teen discos or a UV party – in conjunction with neon painting on dark clothing and faces, can make for a memorable evening.

Parties often follow trends, so your entertainer should be able to help tailor an event to fit a particular theme. For example, your children may be fans of the hugely popular computer game Fortnite – a remarkable 40 million people log in to play it each month, so maybe a party themed around it might be fun?

Party services – your entertainment specialist can provide various facilities to mark your party as something special; how about letting the youngsters record the event for posterity with a photo booth or selfie mirror?

Sweets and edibles – for those with a sweet tooth there’s various options: sweet carts, chocolate fountains, popcorn and candy floss for example – and for younger children a gift in the form of party bags or sweet cones.

Face painting – always popular; your children’s entertainer can organise this easily enough.

Dance floors and lighting – even a modest hall, function room or marquee can be transformed with a stylish dance floor and professional lighting set up.

Your entertainments specialist can arrange the installation of a dance floor – why not have one with LED lighting built into it for a spectacular movie-style dance set up?

For lighting, venue spaces can be transformed with modern illumination such as lighting in virtually any colour – or combination – to create a certain mood and atmosphere.

Tailored help

From putting together an entire package for your event including the arranging all the facilities and services you require, to arranging the hire of just one item such as a photo booth, your children’s entertainment professional can cover it all.