Why You Should Invest in Quality Footwear

We exercise to look after our bodies. We meditate to look after our minds. But many of us barely spare a thought for the parts of us that are, quite literally, bearing the brunt of our activities every single day: our feet.

Sadly, foot health is low on the list of priorities for our population. What’s worse is that so many people are unknowingly subjecting their feet to extra torture by wearing sub-standard shoes that are unsupportive, ill-fitting and simply not fit for purpose.

Here are three reasons why investing in quality footwear over cheap-and-cheerful shoes makes perfect sense – even if it means splashing a little more cash straight up.

  1. Better quality shoes deliver unrivalled comfort.

Regardless of where you live, where you work or how you choose to spend your leisure time, you will need to wear some kind of footwear day in, day out. Given that you’re going to be wearing them for up to 18 hours a day – maybe more, if you’re travelling or working exceptionally long hours – it makes sense to invest in shoes that won’t leave you feeling uncomfortable and distract you from your day.  

There’s nothing worse than being plagued by sore, tender feet as you shop around your favourite outlet, or roam the streets of a new city. Quality shoes are designed to help you enjoy your adventures, not make you wish you’d stayed at home! Look for slightly more expensive footwear that boasts better padding, and you’ll wonder why you ever opted for those bargain basement ballet pumps at all.

  • Shoes that cushion your feet will help to prevent painful conditions like plantar fasciitis.

Stinging feet and aching ankles can certainly bring your mood down. But pesky pain aside, unsupportive and poorly designed footwear can in fact contribute to a range of chronic foot conditions, such as plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis and bunions. All these ailments can be difficult to remedy and will affect your mobility over time.

Prevention is definitely better than cure when it comes to keeping your feet happy and free from injury, so make sure you buy a pair of shoes that are robust enough to keep aches and pains at bay. Although it may be a little more expensive, sole footwear is designed to prevent troublesome foot pain by promoting better ankle alignment and providing elevated cushioning to the arches of your feet.  

  • Good shoes will provide better value for money in the longer term.

It takes time and attention to detail to create footwear that supports the shape and movement of the foot – and this kind of exceptional craftsmanship is often reflected in the price tag.

Low quality footwear might suit your shoestring budget right now, but you’ll get many more wears from a more expensive pair that have been crafted to last.

Cheaper shoes are often glued together, whereas the dearer options will usually have been stitched with a Goodyear welt. This means they are much more durable and water resistant. You can also easily resole welted shoes to give them a new lease of life.